Tammany Lanterns can be fitted with any of our gas or electric light sources. This handsome four-sided lantern draws its design from its six-sided equivalent, Camden. Its appeal stems from its softened rolled-top design, further complimented by its spinnings at the crown.

Select the drop down lists below to view lantern configurations that meet your needs.
Model Number Category Mount Width Height Overall Total Height CAD PDF
441-1FN-6C-TS Gas Wall 10" 22 3/4" Open
441-2C-6C-TS Gas Wall 10" 21 3/4" Open
441-1C-6C-TS Gas Wall 10" 22 3/4" Open
442-1FN-6C-TS Gas Wall 12 3/4" 28 3/4" Open
442-3C-6C-TS Gas Wall 10" 21.5" Open
443-1FN-6C Gas Wall 16-1/4" 25-1/2" 27-3/4" Open
443-1FN-6C TS Gas Wall 16-1/4" 25-1/2" 34-3/4" Open
443-3C-6C Electric Wall 16-1/4" 25-1/2" 27-3/4" Open